指纹锁设计流程 design process

        客户:常州华中集团指纹产品事业部,九五年成立,公司坐落于常州大苍路。是国内一家以设计、制造、生产指纹设备为主的合资企业。公司生产的AM系列分体式牙指纹锁产品 项目:AM2060B指纹锁产品设计 周期:40 天.


1. 企业原始产品 The Prototype from the client company

Make sure of the design plan: after we have settled on the design plan, our market and design staff will communicate with clients to know what their targets of the designing part are.


2. 确定产品主要内部模块 Confirm the main components inside module of products


According to the prototypes or product models provided by the client companies, we will analyze their principles to function, the ranges of uncertainties in structures, etc to make sure of the limits and designing focus of the products.


3. 竞争对手产品市场调研 Market research
设计调研是设计师设计展开中的必备步骤,此过程使工业设计师必须了解产品的销售状况,所处生命周期的阶段,产品的竞争者的状况、使用者和销售商对产品的意见 。这些都是设计定位和设计创造的依据。对于像指纹锁这类产品,设计难度主要集中于外观的悦目性和形态定位的准确性上,如何缩短设计周期来抓住变幻莫测的大众消费市场。

This process of design research is the essential procedure in our design process. In this process, we the industrial designers will research on the sales situation of the products, the situation of rival competitors, and feedback from users and sellers. The research focuses mentioned above are all references we have to make design plans and creation. For products such as fingerprint keys, where the design difficulty mainly focuses on the appearance and accuracy of shapes, we will concentrate more on how to finish designs within the shortest time in order to seize the customer base with constantly changing tastes and preferences.


4. 与客户商定产品粗略结构排布 Confirming the rough-structure

Consultation with customers to settle the plan of product structures After settling the concept of the product, we will discuss with clients to settle the rough structures of the products, to analyze the technology feasibility, cost budget and the possibility of business operation in the market, and to understand the basic concept of the client companies .


5. 构思产品草图 Draw up the sketch of the product

During the sketching period of the product, which is the most significant stage in the product design process, 70% of the cost of the product and the possible designing effects of the product will be determined. We come up with design ideas after careful consideration and research, meanwhile noting them down. At this time, the unpredictability of inspiration, shortage of accurate size and geometric information are all typical characteristics of the beginning design stage. Based on the conception made up by designers, we will first record the ideas through sketching. Then we will draw up various models, or note down design information and settle three to four directions of design, and finally designers will further discuss about the project.


6. 完成产品平面效果图 2D rendering of the product design
2D效果图将草图中模糊的设计结果确定化,精确化。这个过程可以通过CAD软件来完成。通过这个环节生成精确的产品外观平面设计图。既可以清晰 地向客户展示产品的尺寸和大致的体量感,表达产品的材质和光影关系,是设计草图后的更加直观和完善的表达。

The 2-D rendering display image aims to specify and clear the ambiguities in sketches. This process can be done using the CAD software and can lead to accurate picture of outside appearance of the design, so that it could not only show the size and general image of the product, but also display the relationship between the material of the product and its shading.



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